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You are an alum if you ever took classes at ECJC, EGC or EGSC. You are a part of the fabric of the college! All it takes is your registration at the following link.

Staying in touch with you is vital. 请 complete the 校友 登记 so you never miss a thing! We want to know about what is happening with you and want you to know what is happening on campus.

We offer regular, fun alumni events and you are always invited! We also publish our monthly EGSC 校友 Newsletter with news you will find interesting. 你将永远 be aware of the benefits and advantages of being a member of the 校友 Association. You may also contact 哈雷史密斯 with any alumni questions or updates at 478-289-2464 or 通过% 20电子邮件.


马特·唐纳森, Chair

AVP, Durden Banking Company, Inc.
五月or of Twin City, Ga

Lisa Fields Bertoch, Vice Chair

VP and Agent, Yeomans and Associates Agency


Membership Criteria

To become a member of the 校友 Association all you have to do is complete our 校友 登记 Form.

    • Have obtained an Associate or Bachelor’s degree from ECJC, EGC or EGSC
    • Be a former student who did not receive a degree


Purpose and 任务

The 校友 Association is meant to support the mutual interests of the college and its alumni by fostering opportunities for each while serving, informing, and involving alumni in the educational process.


Membership Benefits

bobcat pack member logo

Members of the 校友 Association have access to a broad set of benefits through use of their Bobcat Card. To get your card, e邮件 your name, photo and 邮件ing address to 哈雷史密斯% 20.

Bobcat Card Benefits

Current benefits include:

    • 校友 Bobcat Discount Cards, issued free of charge, good for discounts and special offers at many area businesses.
    • 的使用 East Georgia State College 图书馆.
    • 九折优惠 College Bookstore.
    • 的使用 college gym on the Swainsboro campus, free for one year after graduation, then $25 per month.
    • Invitations to special alumni events, planned throughout the year, including an 校友 联欢晚会.
    • Free 校友 Newsletter, to be published 3-4 times per year.
    • Availability of 校友 Association 奖学金 to be awarded exclusively to descendants of East Georgia State College alumni.

给 to the college is one of the most meaningful things you can do – plus, it’s easy, with a lot of options:


Mail your check to:
East Georgia State College
Attn: 校友 Association
131 College Circle
Swainsboro, GA, 30401

The 1973年社会 was formed in honor of the year the college was founded.
You can donate $19.73 once, twice or up to 12 times annually—it’s your choice.
只是指定 1973年社会 在你的表格上. 

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